Our Story

From the beginning, The Pet Pillow has been about doing something new. In early 2016, Lean Chan wanted to print a pillow from the photo. Her background was in manufacturing, not e-commerce. Demi Chung was better at making things. She became the first employee and the two of them started work together to figure out how to make such a pillow.

Lean bought a printing machine and sewing machine. They put an ad to find someone to teach them how to use it. For six months, they used trial and error to make something they could sell. It took six months and a lot of work, but the first product was launched Dec. 9, 2016.

The first product was a cat pillow printed on the canvas. We started selling to some local offline pet's stores. Customers had some personal ideals,such as adding the pet's name on the pillow, which was popular at the time. So The Pet Pillow started selling the lettering photo pillow to help its customers.

A friend of Lean’s suggested shaped the pillow as an dog in mid-2017, the first true shaped dog pillow became available.

We quickly realized that the shaped pillow were what people really wanted so we focused our efforts on perfecting our product and designing new patterns. Throughout 2017 we expanded our line up to include cat shaped pillow, pig shaped pillow, dog shaped pillow, bird shaped pillow and etc. 

In early 2018,we added the custom head shaped pillow and tried printing on various fabrics.  We did a lot of other cool stuff in 2018, but we can't completely remember. It was a crazy year. More customers hearted it — a lot — and we knew we had something.

We started selling online and kept working at how to do more cool stuff. We said, “This is really, really cool.” 

The Pet Pillow understands that what we sell are more than just The Pet Pillow. They’re the key to enjoy fun with sweet pet. They’re essential to getting a perfect experience. For us, creating a good quality, cool and sweet item is as important to us as your pet is to you.

We are excited about the future and are continually working on new product ideas. We can’t wait to show you the new stuff we’re working to launch and will tell you about it as soon as we make it perfect.


How We Do It

We Are Professionals

Every person in our team is focusing on this niche Pet Pillow. Their combined customer service skills and laser-sharp focus has helped us create the experts in the industry. Send us an email and see for yourself (we know they’ll impress you.)


You do not need to pay high to get a premium pillow, it’s that simple. Every product we sell is backed by a warranty that equals or exceeds that of your local wholesaler. Our products are widely used in the world. Thepetpillow.com on behalf of Changsha Duduxia Network Technology Co., Limited. Add: Room 502, 5Floor, Building No.2 Beichenshiguangli, No. 357 Gushan Road, Wangyue Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China